Sunday, January 3, 2010

Lazy 2010

January 4th is here at last! To be honest, I don't think I enjoyed taking such a long break from the comics. Well, I enjoyed it, but I didn't enjoy it, you know? I don't know if I'll take such a long holiday break next year. If you missed it, I did do a long-winded "Year in Review" post on New Year's Eve. Scroll down to see that.

So, CALAMITY JACK, the sequel to RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE hits stores tomorrow! Or ships tomorrow if you pre-ordered. We'll be having a big launch party for it this weekend, are you ready? Here are the details:

Foothill-Anderson Library in Salt Lake City, Saturday, January 9, at 2 pm. Shannon and Dean will be there, I'll be doing a special presentation on the creation of the CALAMITY JACK illustrations--it should be very exciting. This is one of those few times you can get the ultra-rare TRIPLE SIGNED copy of Rapunzel and/or Calamity Jack.

Okay, back in the webcomicking saddle! Feels good! The CALAMITY JACK material starts tomorrow!


Clint C. said...

Yay! Time to spendy spendy!

Chris said...

I'll be there for Calamity Jack!
...but I hope the polar bears don't get ignored for too long. A good blizzard could be fun.

Anonymous said...

Selfish Utah people...always having the parties in your own state.

Still have my fingers crossed for a book tour or something to bring you all west(er) :)

Stuart said...

I want to hear a polar bear story big voice!!

Kristen said...

I preordered it and can't wait to see it. Just bummed it won't be signed. Do you think you could swing by Hawaii and do that for me?

Nathan said...

Yes, Kristen. Any. Time.