Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Frankenstein is MISSING!

Where could he be? That nasty little rascal, he could be anywhere! I need to track him down and post his final picture so we can move on the Hazardous Tales Launch Week!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Monday will be the Frankenstein Final

Woops! Friday sort of came and went. Keep those comments coming, we'll put up the final Frank on Monday

Thursday, July 26, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein Day 7

Today's winner is ME! Hahaha! Rick says:

"Nate! You are SICK! No wonder we work well together. This time you win. And your prize, you get to pick. I want to see them ALL! But I will let you pick the one you want to do the most. And...I'm thinking there's another book here somewhere..."

Tomorrow is the FINAL FRANKENSTEIN! Get your comments in. Crazy things happen on the final day--remember when EVERYONE got a gnome at the end of Name that Gnome? I'm not making any promises, but it's always worthwhile to comment on the final day!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 6

Rick says:

"L.H.! That's AWFUL!
Let's do it.
Nothing like suggesting that the subject of a picture book loves to eat school kids
to boost institutional sales!
Frankenstein bus-ted after a snack attack!"

Commenter L.H. Karek wins this round!

If you are reading this you have an edge on tomorrow's contest! Because this one came in so late, the comment window is only a few hours! Get your suggestion in--you could win by default!

Second to last round! What would you like on your Frankenstein?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 5

Rick says: 

Another suggestion adapted--How about Frankensanta at the mall? Horror-Horror-Horror! Scary Christmas!"

A little holiday crossover fun--in July! Thanks to commenter Chris for the idea!

Three more chances to win. All of the suggestions have been great so far--let's see if you can outdo yourselves.

Round 6, What would you like--you know the rest.

Monday, July 23, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 4

From Rick:

"Today Frankenstein is for the birds. But perhaps not for the terrified Mama Bird or perhaps Paternal Pterodactyl who doesn't quite remember that horrifying hungry thing being there when they had gone off hunting."

Commenter "c" takes the win with Frankenstein in a nest of baby birds!

There are only four days left to get your Franken-idea drawn. Keep those silly comments coming!

Friday, July 20, 2012

16 Page Preview of BIG BAD IRONCLAD!

FRANKENSTEIN isn't the only book launching this summer. In two weeks my historical graphic novel series, Nathan Hale's Hazardous Tales, launches. Sheesh. It's kind of overwhelming. Zero books launched since Christmas 2010 (12 BOTS) and now three launching in within two weeks of each other.

In any case, if you are curious about what these books are like and how they read. Amazon (remember to always support your local bookstore) has posted a 16+ page preview of BIG BAD IRONCLAD which you can see here. (click on the Look Inside! Tab--you know how to do it...)

There isn't a preview of ONE DEAD SPY yet, but I'm sure there will be soon.

{TOP SECRET TIP} You can actually get these books now--some stores already have them! Before the launch date of Aug. 1st! Unbelievable!

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 3

Rick says:

How about another combo pack...Frankenstein in a BYU cheerleader's costume, waving pompoms as he is held in the air by a struggling Miss Devel, also in a cheerleader costume! "Eat 'em up! Eat 'em up! RAW RAW RAW!" Inspired by paigeintraining and Laura Z M.

Have a good weekend! We'll do one more week of Frankenstein, starting Monday. That gives you a few days to figure out...

...what you want on your Frankenstein! (leave your comments for round 4!)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 2

Rick says:

Gotta see the monster dance! Maybe in a swan dress a la Bjork, wreaking havoc with every pas de DON'T! Frankenstein, in Tchaik-OW!-ski's Swan LOOK OUT!

Hee hee. Thank you, commenter Cat. You are today's winner!

Round 3: What do you want on your Frankenstein?

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 1

Rick Walton has spoken! He didn't just choose one--he took pieces from here and there and cobbled them together like...well..Doctor Frankenstein!

Mad scientist Rick says:

Since I am a creative writer and not very good at following directions, how about this--Frankenstein in a little sailor suit at a tea party with cute frilly girls. On their plates are pinkalicious cupcakes. Frankenstein is not happy. Tomorrow's scene, Frankenstein at same table, now smiling. A bite is taken out of the table, the cupcakes are gone, and so are the little girls. (Okay, maybe a different scene for tomorrow.)

That means commenters the mighty guin and Heather Hoyt both {edit} and Diana--who mentioned the cupcakes! win this round! Well done!

We can only guess what monstrous mash-ups will come out of Rick's lab tomorrow! Could it be the second part of his comment? Possibly--but who can say!? He's mad--MAD I tell you! You will have to enter more ideas just in case.

Round 2 begins! What would you like on your Frankenstein?

FRANKENSTEIN is on the loose today!

He's out! He's finally out! Frankenstein, the Madeline spoof written by Rick Walton and illustrated by me, is out today! In stores, online, wherever you buy books!

We were planning on celebrating by posting an all new picture book parody here today, but we decided there just wasn't enough FRANKENSTEIN in that. This week needs more FRANKENSTEIN!

So, the game is: What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein?

Here is how it's played: For the next two weeks, I will be drawing Franky, here, in different outfits/scenarios/you-name-it. Leave your comment each day, letting me know what you would like on your Frankenstein (ex: I want to see Frankenstein riding an ostrich, or Frankenstein in a sombrero, etc.) author Rick Walton will pick the winning comment, and I will draw it! At the end, we should have a bunch of cute/menacing/ugly little Frankensteins.

So let's play. What would you like on your Frankenstein?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Blog Site Alert!

Hey everyone, as you know, my Hazardous Tales series is about to launch in August. ONE DEAD SPY and BIG BAD IRONCLAD will be available everywhere in...looks like twenty days or so. I'm very excited--I don't think I've been this excited since Rapunzel's Revenge launched back in '08--make that double excited, because it's two books launching at once!

At ALA we were giving out hardcover copies of the books to everyone who came through the Abrams booth--the only catch was, they had to choose one of the books (they didn't get both.) We were curious to see which book would be the preferred pick. It was 50/50. There was no favorite!

On the back of each book, there is a website, www.hazardoustales.com, right now, that link will take you directly to the Abrams catalog. But in soon, it will take you here--the new Hazardous Tales blog!

This site will be updated two to three times a month (don't worry, it won't eat into my spacestation time--yeah what spacestation time? I hear you say.) It will feature comics, papercraft instructions, LEGO creations and posts dealing with American History through the Hazardous Tales lens. Take a look, you will be the first ones to see it. The two posts there will soon be taken down and never seen again. Ooooh.

(They aren't very exciting anyway--you've seen them before.)


Monday, July 9, 2012

Julenkenstein LIVES!

Last year was a publishing blank spot for me. I didn't have a single book come out in 2011. I have three launching next month. It's very disorienting. I feel like I've more or less forgotten how to do a big book launch. I've also forgotten how to blog daily, but you know that story...

To celebrate the launch of FRANKENSTEIN, author Rick Walton and I will be posting another picture book parody right here on the blog. FRANKENSTEIN comes out on July 17th. The new parody will start here on or around that day. 

One of the other three new books, ONE DEAD SPY, just got a fantastic review from 100 Scope Notes, take a look!

ONE DEAD SPY and BIG BAD IRONCLAD come out August 1st.

Monday, July 2, 2012


I don't usually associate July with Frankenstein, but this year is different. This year is July-kenstein! Frankenjuly? JuFrank-Ystein. Jankenstein--no, wait--Julenkenstein.

That's right, it's Julenkenstein!

Why, you ask, is it Julenkenstein? Because our very own FRANKENSTEIN: A MONSTROUS PARODY comes out this month! July 17th is the release date. Look for a copy in your local bookstore.

To celebrate, here is the book trailer: