Monday, July 9, 2012

Julenkenstein LIVES!

Last year was a publishing blank spot for me. I didn't have a single book come out in 2011. I have three launching next month. It's very disorienting. I feel like I've more or less forgotten how to do a big book launch. I've also forgotten how to blog daily, but you know that story...

To celebrate the launch of FRANKENSTEIN, author Rick Walton and I will be posting another picture book parody right here on the blog. FRANKENSTEIN comes out on July 17th. The new parody will start here on or around that day. 

One of the other three new books, ONE DEAD SPY, just got a fantastic review from 100 Scope Notes, take a look!

ONE DEAD SPY and BIG BAD IRONCLAD come out August 1st.

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Chris said...

That is a great review. Well done!
I'm really excited for the new parody.