Tuesday, March 10, 2015

New Anthology News!

Oh boy. If my web presence were a yard, it would be covered in weeds and mostly dead. Yikes.

The push to build a new site has utterly failed. I tried three times to transfer my domain name away from Yahoo Small Business may-it-burn-in-hell and failed each time. My optimism for an ongoing webcomic is at an all time low.

On the other hand, the world of REAL publishing is going GREAT! Underground Abductor comes out in one month. It's already a Junior Library Guild Selection! I am super excited for it to arrive.

It won't be my only book this year, in November I've got TWO comics coming out in this anthology:

The idea for this book is fantastic. Each author in the book has written a TRUE story from their life, followed by a FICTIONAL story inspired by, or based on the experience from the true story. Get it?

My stories are both comics. Not Hazardous Tales--because while those stories are non-fiction, they didn't happen to me. No, these stories are brand new, and they are HORROR.

Get ready.

In Hazardous Tales world, the book #6 manuscript has just returned from editorial. This chart went up today:

Final art due June.