Wednesday, July 11, 2012

New Blog Site Alert!

Hey everyone, as you know, my Hazardous Tales series is about to launch in August. ONE DEAD SPY and BIG BAD IRONCLAD will be available everywhere in...looks like twenty days or so. I'm very excited--I don't think I've been this excited since Rapunzel's Revenge launched back in '08--make that double excited, because it's two books launching at once!

At ALA we were giving out hardcover copies of the books to everyone who came through the Abrams booth--the only catch was, they had to choose one of the books (they didn't get both.) We were curious to see which book would be the preferred pick. It was 50/50. There was no favorite!

On the back of each book, there is a website,, right now, that link will take you directly to the Abrams catalog. But in soon, it will take you here--the new Hazardous Tales blog!

This site will be updated two to three times a month (don't worry, it won't eat into my spacestation time--yeah what spacestation time? I hear you say.) It will feature comics, papercraft instructions, LEGO creations and posts dealing with American History through the Hazardous Tales lens. Take a look, you will be the first ones to see it. The two posts there will soon be taken down and never seen again. Ooooh.

(They aren't very exciting anyway--you've seen them before.)


Q said...

Ooh, very nice.

One comment: the main body of the blog is slightly wider than the header, which is a bit awkward looking. Graphic design pet peeve! (The Space Station is this way too, actually.)

Nathan said...

It's one of the faults of blogger--Space Station was just adjusted larger to fit XL images (about ten minutes ago.) It bothers me too, I'm trying to find a good workaround to center the banner art.

Nathan said...

Boom! Fixed it. Thanks for your comment! Now it's centered. Now to fix the Station one...

Erin Shakespear said...

These books look so awesome Nate! I can't wait to get my hands on some. And the site rocks. Love the banner.