Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What Would You Like on Your Frankenstein? Day 6

Rick says:

"L.H.! That's AWFUL!
Let's do it.
Nothing like suggesting that the subject of a picture book loves to eat school kids
to boost institutional sales!
Frankenstein bus-ted after a snack attack!"

Commenter L.H. Karek wins this round!

If you are reading this you have an edge on tomorrow's contest! Because this one came in so late, the comment window is only a few hours! Get your suggestion in--you could win by default!

Second to last round! What would you like on your Frankenstein?


Opaleyz said...

We got our copy of Frankenstein at my library yesterday & it looks great! I would have proudly displayed it on our new shelf for someone to snatch up, but it had already been requested by someone at another branch! Can't wait to see the Hazardous Tales books in person :)

Nathan said...

Thanks Opaleyz! And thanks to the person who had it on hold.

Since today's comment window is so short, I'm throwing out my own suggestions (haha I did it on purpose!)

I want Frankenstein swimming in a public aquarium, but all the fish are now skeletons, the public looks on horrified.


Frankenstein on the moon in a spacesuit, planting a flag, but the flag is his own severed arm.


Frankenstein as a waiter serving a platter with a flourish, his head is on the platter. The people at the table are horrified.

Kelley said...

doing the hula in hawaii
going through TSA security at the airport

Mira said...

Chef Frankenstein creating some monstrous dish.

Anonymous said...

This is Clarissa,
Frankenstein visiting an "all you can eat buffet" and eating EVERYTHING!

Anika S. said...

I was going to do the whole "head on a platter" thing.
rats, you beat me to it.

how about Frankie looking at a rack of hands at a "Second Hand" thrift store?
( would coincidentally be missing his own.)