Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yellowbelly and Plum in the Snow 4

Sorry for the late post, gang. Computer troubles. Ya know. But at least YB and P warmed up.

Also, I'm still sending out follow up emails for the avatar/pic contest (is it a contest?) if you haven't gotten yours yet you should soon (sometime today.)


DaNae said...

Plum looks so wise, like a mystical swammie.

(Is swammie a word?)

Nathan said...

Ha ha. Swammie. Swami? It's a great word, either way. You have your swami, your yogi, and your fakir. All have something to do with wearing a large turban and being awesome.

Woops, just noticed a typo--no period on "Hot Towell" the drawings were all carefully done a few weeks back. The lettering I've been doing about five minutes before posting them to the blog. I need to whip the lettering into shape.

Q said...

And *cough* "towel" only has one L.