Saturday, January 16, 2010


Hey everyone--everyone living in TOOELE, UTAH, that is: Calamity Jack signing event today! Al three Hales will be there, Me, Shannon and Dean! 2:00 at the Purple Cow Bookstore. See you there!

If you are reading this from OUTSIDE of Utah, here's a contest. Spell for me the phonetic pronunciation of Tooele and win a prize!


David Miles said...


Anonymous said...

too eh lee

or maybe tool, but thats too obvious.

Today's the Day said...

Hi, I came to the Tooele signing. My daughter is the one who made the book cover and took her picture with you. I LOVED the illustrations in Yellowbelly and Plum. I just had to ask you if the glockenspiel and drums they play in the book is a Beautiful South reference?

Today's the Day said...

oh..and it's "two-ill-uh"

Paula said...

Too-will-a, not to be confused with too-lee. I should know, I used to live there! :) Wish I could've been there today, however I did have my wonderful sister buy me a book and have it signed. My kids and I are now just anxiously awaiting its arrival!

Je Reve said...

To ill uh, or too ee lee

Rita said...

with emphasis on the "will"

Nathan said...

Everyone's wrong. It's pronounced Two-vee-lagh. So even if you live there and posted the local pronunciation, you got it wrong--that's a hard "V" in the middle there, with a guttural "GHGH" at the end.

David Miles-You actually got it! How did you know?

Anonymous-A valiant effort. "Too eh lee" is actually kinda nice, sounds like an island paradise.

Today-HOLY SMOKES! Of all the people who have ver read that book, you are the first to catch it! It is a loving tribute to my favorite band from Hull. Nice catch! And that poster your daughter drew was fantastic. Thanks for coming and bringing it!

Paula (and Today)-You can't play the pronouncing game if you LIVE in Tooele! That's against the rules!
I hope you enjoy your triple-signed copy. Shannon, Dean and I have taken to using different colored markers, so the signed page looks like a delightful rainbow. I hope you enjoy it!

Je Reve-(Hey, Je reve aussi!) Another vote for "Too ee lee" I gotta be honest, I think I'd rather live in "Too ee Lee" than "Two-ill-uh."

Rita-Correct, "Will" as in "WILL we ever get there?" It is a long and lonesome drive from my house to Tooele, Over the mountains and past the Deseret Toxic Chemical Depot.

David Miles said...

Woohoo! Well, I did a little looking and found that Toelle used to be spelled "Twilla" on old maps so I put two and two together... actually, I googled it just now and the pronunciation is all over the place :). I guess I was just the fastest!

Wish I could've been there for all the fun!

David M said...

Whatsa' prize? I don't win something every day :)

Nathan said...

Oh yeah--the prize? Did you enter the avatar/photo thing? If not then you are in! I seem to recall that you second avatar?