Wednesday, January 6, 2010

CALAMITY JACK Launch Week! Paper Dolls #2

CALAMITY JACK climbed the Amazon rankings yesterday, all the way to the #12 spot in Children's Comics! I've been told numerous times that Amazon rankings mean nothing--but hey--the #12 spot! That's BONE and Wimpy Kid territory! Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy on launch day.

Yesterday I announced that I would draw a custom, cartoon portrait of anyone who sends me a photo of their copy of CALAMITY JACK during launch week--I'm sticking to it, so send those pics! This isn't like those silly "Cartoon Yourself" ads you see advertised on website banners, this is a professional custom illustration by me--if you were a publisher, this would cost you several hundreds of dollars! Well, several tens of dollars anyway. Keep them coming!

Tomorrow we start on Jack's outfits.


Mickey said...

Congrats on the #12 spot! I can’t wait to get my hands on that book!
Oh, I love the paperdolls, too.

shannon hale said...

Rapunzel looks good in Austenland.

shannon hale said...

I was just remembering, do you recall when we decided that she needed an action outfit for Shyport? You were on my doorstep with your brother and sister in law and we realized that she would totally ditch the dress in preparation for the high action. I love the dress, but it was a good call. She looks awesome.

Nathan said...

I remember that! I'm glad we went with the action suit. Action pants-suit, at that.