Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Toga Party

It sounds like my attempt at remembering The Horse and His Boy was a swing and a miss. I do, however, have a pretty good grasp on The Magician's Nephew, so tomorrow should be fun.

I'm doing double duty today. I have drawings for a different project due on top of my regular page quota. I've been illustrating a series called "Secret in the Attic" for a few years now. It's a Scholastic book fair series about time traveling kids (it's sort of like the Magic School Bus, but a few grades older.) I'm on book four now. The author, L. A. Peacock, seems to have a very long term plan because the four books so far have all taken place in the ancient world; Ancient Greece, Ancient Egypt etc. That means we still have practically all of history to time travel through. I hope the series continues, because the illustrations are fun to do. Also, Scholastic pays well. In fact, at our house, we spell it $cholastic.

Here's the cover of book 1:

I do the covers, then about 30 black and white interior illustrations. The book 4 cover was finished weeks ago, but I'm still working out the interiors. So, back to it. Toga party.


Clint C. said...

Mythology is money these days. My son is obsessed. In fact he'll flip when he sees that Minotaur! And a labyrinth! When do these come out?

Mike Blake Studio said...

I like it when you mix your actual 'work' along with your 'play' here on your blog. Hope to see more. The series looks like alot of fun! great job on the cover.

Nathan said...

The first two are already out, but they seem to be available only through the Scholastic book club. I think you can buy used copies through Amazon.

To be completely fair, the scene on the cover doesn't play out in the book. They do see something that looks like a minotaur from a distance. The books are historical, not fantasy. The covers are fantasy--that's for sure.