Thursday, June 30, 2011

Old Calendar '01: July


Mike Blake Studio said...

Oh my...I'm starting to notice a trend..these all seem abstract/strange! haha Where did you come up with all these interesting unique ideas?! haha

Anonymous said...

when you scan these, how much do you have to 'shop them to get them to look good?

Nathan said...

Mike-Thanks! I hope they are unique. There's a lot more freedom with standalone drawings than there is with story illustration. With this kind of thing, the drawing IS the story, it's not the reinterpretation of a story.

Anonymous-These are just scanned. I do a quick levels adjustment to get the blacks black and the whites white. But I don't do anything else. In fact, if you look closely at some, you'll notice there are out-of-focus patches where the drawing didn't lay flat.