Thursday, June 23, 2011

Old Calendar '01: February

The 2001 calendar was small--I think it was 6 x 6. Maybe 5.5 x 5.5. Anyway, I went to town with the stippling--actually, I don't like the word, "stippling" it sounds pretentious (unless it's in a cop drama, where the gunpowder burn leaves "stippling" on a close-range shooting victim, that kind of "stippling" sounds cool. Phew, I read too many crime novels.)

For drawing, I prefer the word "dots." I shaded this with dots.

My wife was expecting our first baby in 2001. So a lot of the pictures in this calendar had a baby-having theme. That baby is now a ten-year-old kid.


Alysa Stewart said...

Ha! I love it!

shannon hale said...

I love this so much. What a great pregnancy picture.