Monday, May 9, 2011

New Post

Now that the Great Missing Week of May '11 is behind us. Let us move on to a new post.

I'm excited about the new story, it has been percolating for some time now, I think it is ready.
It's a little something from the Picture Book Marathon, and it isn't The Fort That Got Me Grounded. It isn't even from this year's marathon.



Sorry if you were hoping for The Fort That Got Me Grounded. I'll get to that one some day--right about the time you all forget that I was going to do it. It sounds cheesy, but I've found with this blog, for me to really enjoy it, I have to be free to follow my muse. Right now my muse is that big silly whale cruising down the street.

I've noticed that when I schedule and plan stories on the blog--especially when I announce the schedule and plan, I lose all interest in posting the things I scheduled and planned. After all, delivering agreed-upon drawings is my day job. The blog operates on surprise--it's gotta be free, man, free like that whale. He doesn't know what he'll do next! One day he's swimming in the ocean, the next day he's riding around the city streets with a buncha mermaids on his back.

Here we go, Mermaids, here we go!


Q said...

This should be awesome.

Now I have to figure out how to bribe your muse.

Lizzie said...

YES. Mermaids are the new vampires. I've been saying this for years.

Viva la Fire Brigade!

jw said...

Personally I think the axe-weilding mermaid is awesome, and I'm hoping that your muse sees fit to make mermaids-with-firefighting-axes a major part of the illustrations. Not that you have to, of course, just that it would be extra awesome.

Just stew on it for a while: mermaids with axes.

Oh yeah.

Will Strong said...

This is brilliant. You made the correct choice.

Meredith said...

Ooh, this was one of my favorites last year! I'm excited to read it.

Helene said...

Yay, freedom! And I find that when I'm supposed to be doing something, I always end up wanting to do the exact opposite.
i.e. now I ought to be doing homework but looking at pictures of mermaids seems so much more pleasant.

Chris said...

Hooray! I thought this one had fallen by the wayside. Definitely a favorite.
PS I really liked the waterskiing isopod too. Are you going to get a copy of the isopod journal?