Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Missing Week

Wow. This really has become the missing week. The Great Lost Week of May 2011. I apologize, everyone, for missing so many days. I'm now officially back on track.

Two of the projects that kept me so busy were blog-related. The graphic novel I was sketching (and now inking) was born on this blog. It is a U.S. history graphic novel--true stories told in funny cartoons. The project was pitched with my "Lewis and Clark and the Bottle of Thunder" comic, which was created here on the blog in September '09. A publisher liked it so much, they've given me a whole U.S. History series! The first two books in the series come out next year (Fall.) I can't give out many details yet. But I can give a few sneak peeks. Here are some character sketches:

The other blog-related project is still TOP SECRET. I can only tell you it is a picture book based on a blog story from the last year. That book also comes out next year (Spring,) and I can't give any sneak peeks just yet.

The blog has given me the chance to work out so many fun stories and ideas, and here I am neglecting it. Poor blog.

We are starting fresh with a new story tomorrow. The "I Will Drawing That For You" game is now over. But what about our GAME-themed ideas? You ask. Don't worry, those suggestions will be the starting comments for the next time we play the GAME--get it? Thanks again for all your great comments, and for sticking with the blog through the Great Lost Week of May 2011.


Sarah C. said...

I love the red nose on that red coat! Space Station Nathan is how we start our day. Glad it's back!

Nathan said...

Thanks! I'm glad you can tell he's a redcoat with a red nose! This project is somewhat color limited.

R.G. said...

Oh my boys will be so excited when I tell them about your new graphic novels, they love history and graphic novels.

Riley said...

Stair Cow?!?!?!

Nathan said...

Stair Cow is not the book, but Stair Cow may be making a blog appearance soon.