Monday, May 2, 2011

Almost Back on Track

Hi gang, sorry for the week of mystery posts. As many of you guessed, I was slammed with deadlines. Slammed and buried. Slammed, buried, dug up and slammed again--this was one of the worst--if not THE worst set of deadlines I've ever been under. I thought I would be out from under everything by now, but it turns out I'm still not quite out of the woods.

I had several things due on or around this weekend, check this out:

  • a long-term project due (128 sketch pages of a new graphic novel)
  • a medium-term project due (40 pages + cover final artwork for a picture book)
  • a short-term project due (40 pages + poster finals for a school pamphlet/education job)
  • an audition packet for a big book repackaging job (three drawings and a cover)

Also, this happened to be a week when my wife was out of town, so I was pulling full-time Mr. Mom duty. On Friday I had an adventure with a flat tire (and a flat spare tire, and a long walk, carrying said flat tire.)

In any case, I've been getting by on very little sleep, and pushing myself very, very hard. I hate to miss days like this, but we'll be back on track soon. I will keep you posted.

Over and out.


Erin Shakespear said...

Ah, the sad and miserable tale of being such a talented and wanted illustrator.

LOL...ok, actually I hope you can manage to get everything under control. That DOES sound like a hard week...just being Mr. Mom would be tricky but you throw in all those deadlines, too...ack! Good luck with it all!

Anonymous said...

i'm having a hard time believing your story. i have this sneaking suspicion you were in pakistan this week, maybe on a CIA-led operation of some sort.

nice shot, by the way.

Nathan said...

haha best comment ever.

Anonymous said...

But why couldn't you have told us this in the first place?

shannon hale said...

Battle on, noble warrior! We'll be here when you return.