Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mermaid Fire Brigade 7

Extra post.

I watched the latest Narnia movie last night with the kids. Dawn Treader was my favorite book in the series as a kid. The movie was okay (they had the pond that turned things gold--for some reason I remember that scene vividly from the book--I really wanted to see it in the movie.) I thought the ship design was a little overwrought. I mean, I know the ship is supposed to have a dragon head--but that ship was ALL dragon head. Here's a diagram:

Also, in the movie, they would use three or four longboats to go ashore--where were they storing those? They weren't on deck, and they weren't towing them. Where were they? That's right, I'm nit-picking a children's fantasy movie.

The project I'm working on right now is very ship-heavy, I'm drawing a lot of boats and ships and that Dawn Treader was driving me nuts. Maybe some day I'll post my own take on the Dawn Treader.


Meredith said...

I hadn't thought about it, but your right: the Dawn Treader did look goofy in the movie. I agree, it was just okay, which is a shame, because it's an awesome book.

Mike Blake / Monisawa said...

Honestly my wife and I love the Narnia books and were quite surprised when they threw in the whole evil mist and 7 swords thing...however we thought it was a great idea to make the movie have more of a central purpose.

Regarding the boat....now that you point it out it was pretty odd. Movie creators often create or do things that "WORK" and the audience just accepts it because it is there and "MUST" be logical. haha we need to avoid being a lemming. (this often irritates me when movie creators use this tactic too much. Happens in cheap/formula plot-lines the most.)

On the other hand I guess there is a limit where you need to suspend reality in a fictitious story anyway... haha

Chris said...

Is your current boat project the graphic novel history? I can picture some naval battles showing up in a few of places.