Friday, February 5, 2010

The Land of Doom/Picture Book Marathon 5/28

Today's LAND OF DOOM episode is a little on the weak side--but hey, with 28 of these in a row, there's bound to be some filler. We'll get on to some more exciting stuff soon. Trust me, there are monsters ahead!

And today's Picture Book Marathon Book (#5) is:

"Alpha Centaur"

Why, look who it is--it's Chester the NaNoWriMo substitute monster! I knew he'd be back! Now he's in his own story.

It's inter-dimensional exchange time! Chester's been pulled from his land of dwarves and wizards and dropped into a space opera. This one's less a picture book, and more of an early reader comic book...with potential for a 38 book series.

Wow! The record's been broken again! Even more followers joined yesterday than the day before--thanks for clicking! Welcome to the station!


Anonymous said...

Yay! Chester is back!

Myrna Foster said...

Gotta love the facial expression on that cover! I'd pick it up.

And I'm with you on the Writer's Market. They have great articles, and the listings make submitting to editors so much easier.

Jill said...

A lot of people read, not a lot follow. All you had to do was ask. ;)

Debbie Barr said...

Hoorah! Chester is so fun.

And one of those followers is my older sister. You can thank me later. ;)

edith said...

How cool to see the real article of you in that book! You're on the inside. That makes your depiction of the inner ring of publishing just that much creepier.
And I love the title of your book for today. I love puns, always. The groanier the better

Anonymous said...

Don't worry. You're not long-winded. Rather, you're important. Plus, I'm sure they filled up a lot of space with your wonderful illustrations.

Nathan said...

Anonymous 1--He never left! He's always lurking just out of sight.

Myrna--Haha, Chester's doing kind of half Han Solo, half Buzz Lightyear face.

Jilly--Thanks! I noticed your icon among the new followers. I'm thrilled to hear I have more readers than I thought I did.

Edith--I'm proud of that article, and I'm glad I found a spot to brag it up a little.

Anonymous 2--You're right, they did fill at least two of those pages with illustrations. And I'm glad you think I'm important. I'm pretty vital to the running and operating of this site, but trust me, if I suddenly disappeared from the world of publishing completely, the effect would be felt by....well, 63 people. Paolini, on the other hand, could buy and sell my entire extended family, and possibly teach them a dumb language he made up.

Nathan said...

Woops, Debbie--I missed you, and I will thank you for your sister's following now. Thank you Nerd Goddess's older sister (Geek Goddess?)