Friday, February 12, 2010

The Land of Doom/Picture Book Marathon 12/28

Picture Book #12:

Title: "Chuck: The Lazy Isopod"

Synopsis: Chuck is an isopod who lives at the bottom of the ocean. Every day he has to search for food and he is tired of it. He wants the food to come to him for a change. He sets out to find the perfect, lazy job. The ending features a disgusting (but science-based) twist.

Chuck's another visiter from an earlier blog comic story--my first blog comic story, really. Most of the books in the marathon so far have been made up/written the day they were posted. But this one, and Alpha Centaur both have roots in past stories.


Greg and Leigh said...

Welcome back chuck!! We love the lazy isopod!!

Debbie Barr said...

Publishing still looks terrifying.

And yay for Chuck's return!

Anonymous said...

I would totally buy the Boy a Chuck the Lazy Isopod book. Also, Mermaid Fire Brigade = awesome. I agree: mermaids don't do that much. Giving them a job putting out fires, with a rivalry with the real fire brigade? Genius.

Jill said...

You really made publishing look very scary. I got a pit feeling in my stomach looking at that.

Anonymous said...

Yay for Chuck! Wouldn't it be cool if the last book of the month was "Nathan and Yellowbelly Visit the Children's Publishing Land of Doom"?? It would be for slightly older kids, of course, but still!