Monday, February 8, 2010


I was just sitting down to write my story for the day; "Next Stop, Hibernation Station!" It was going to be a bedtime story about a cute little train full of animals on their way to hibernate--what can I say, I still had bears on the brain. I had pulled up a few lists of which animals hibernate. And then checked Amazon, just to see what children's books were out on the topic.

Check. This. Out.
Now, it's not unusual to find a book that parallels your idea. You get a cool idea, then find out that someone did a similar book in 1974. This one is crazy, it comes out summer 2010! Yeah, brand new book--almost the exact title--and with a train on the front! What are the odds, I've never seen this book before, was just playing with the word "hibernation" this afternoon, feeling pretty clever. Wow, just goes to show you, there are no new ideas under the sun.

Anyway, best of luck to Michelle and Kurt, this looks like an adorable book. Now I need to think up a fresh idea. Quick.

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Myrna Foster said...

That looks like a book my two-year-old would love. I wonder if it rhymes. Good luck coming up with another great idea. It's been fun to see your covers.