Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Land of Doom/Picture Book Marathon 25/28

Mile 25! Oh, this is brutal! Feel the burn! Feel the BURRRRN!

Title: Lumberjack Troopers

Synopsis: A mysterious seed falls to earth and begins a plague of "Space Weeds!" It's up to a team of elite lumberjacks to put a stop to the invasive species. With the help of a genetically resurrected Castoroides beaver and a jar of weapons-grade termites, our team will face the ultimate killer-plant threat! Prepare for TREEMAGEDDON!

Ah-ha! It's the long awaited answer to last October's SPACE WEED story a.k.a. "My Idea For a Saturday Morning Cartoon." See it here (scroll down a ways) this is the prologue to LUMBERJACK TROOPERS!

Mark my words, Lumberjacks are the next big thing! I predict they'll be bigger than Vampires! (and more useful!)


Chris said...

I like it! And I've been waiting for the space weed conclusion. I'd like to see the lumberjacks in action sometime.

I'm glad you explained the termite jar, though--I couldn't figure it out from the picture.

Maybe they are in the book already, but you need some twins with a crosscut saw. You can't have lumberjacks without a crosscut saw.

Debbie (Nerd Goddess) said...

I second Chris and his crosscut saw idea.

Also, lumberjacks are surprisingly awesome. I'd love to read this one.

Anonymous said...

Please do the Twelve Days of Lumberjack Troopers. I laughed so hard, I almost had to lie down.

A resurrected Castaroides beaver? Only you, Nate . . . only in Nate World. . .

Nathan said...

Ah! The crosscut saw! Of course! I can't believe I missed that! Consider it in.

Jessica, thanks for laughing. That is my goal here. But I'm confused, do you want a Christmas themed Twelve Days story? Because I'll do it. So far the Twelve Days thing has been a magic bullet for me.

Also, after I posted and put my computer to sleep, I thought of this word:


That's all.

DaNae said...

Forget the Crosscut saw, some of those lumberjacks better be cross dressers for the Monty Python fans.

Laura said...

So it's lumberjacks that resolve the space weed problem, huh?

And I was sure that Dr. Benjamin Rush's Homemade Bilious Pills were going to come into it somehow.

Greg and Leigh said...

I think your main tree monster in treemageddon should be the infamous "Tamarisk" They are as invasive as it gets.
PS, Thats one big Beaver!!!!

Nathan said...

Whoa! If anyone saw the comment posted earlier in Japanese(?) it was linked to some serious spam. I apologize if anyone clicked on it. In the future I'll be more vigilant about recognizing and booting spam.