Monday, February 15, 2010

The Land of Doom/Picture Book Marathon 15/28

THE LAND OF DOOM returns! What have we missed over the last two days? Just some waiting around--there's a lot of that in publishing.

Picture book number 15:

Title: "The Vacuum Dreams About Styrofoam Dots"

Synopsis: This is a quiet bedtime story, talking about household appliances and the dreams they have.

Happy President's Day! What are you getting Lincoln this year? I got him a Snuggee, hope he likes it!

Oh, also, I got a question a few days back about the custom avatars. They ARE going out, I'm about halfway through them. If you haven't gotten yours yet, just wait. I'll have them finished before the month is through. Thanks for your patience!


Mindy said...

I hope Lincoln likes his Snugee better than I liked mine!

Amanda Sorensen said...

The Land of Publishing is getting scarier and scarier!!

Emnia Elf said...

I don't celebrate President's day, because for only my entire life (it shall ever be a mysterious number) I've gotten sick every presidents day. Kinda weird, huh? Like I'm elergic to politics! (I won't be come president any time soon!)
And yo! Love the new story, congrants on your followers, and YAY! Chuck's momentarily back!
~Emnia Elf

Nathan said...

Hey E. Elf is back! I thought you'd moved away or something.

I think this story is my favorite so far. No joke (possibly even more than the secret, codename: STAIRCOW book) It's written in verse and I really like it.

Amanda--The land of Publishing is definitely a horror show.

Mindy--Lincoln totally loved his Snuggee--I guess he doesn't have a dog that slobbers and rubs fur all over fleece blanket-y things.

Emnia Elf said...

Haha, my mom would laugh at that! My mom thinks I'm a total nerd because I have contact with two authors on going. No, I didn't move. Gravity decided it didn't like me, so it let me drift in outter space for a while.... And you must know how bad internet connection is on Mars! (: