Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Land of Doom/Picture Book Marathon 4/28

And the fourth book in the marathon is:

Title: "Pick Up Your Toys or Garbage Ben Will Eat Them"

Synopsis: Pick up your toys or Garbage Ben will eat them.

Thanks for clicking on that "Follow" button everyone--yesterday was the single biggest follower leap I've had in one day! Keep 'em coming!


Leea said...

I love it ~ it may just work.

Brandon said...

I could have used this one yesterday Garbage Ben came to my house, my girls are very sad about it.

Unknown said...

Know him well, been around for a very long time. LOL

Anonymous said...

I think your trip to the grim, grim world of children's book publishing is the Greatest. Comic. Ever.

DaNae said...

Gee, Garbage Ben wouldn't be pushing an ever so subtle message about messy kids? I'm afraid the Berenstain Bears may have beaten you to the punch there. Or could he possibly be stopping by to form a garage band?

I find it charming that you are letting your needy side show by smoozing for followers. Who do you think you are, Shannon Hale? (Not that the lovely Shannon Smoozes, but I'm pretty sure every 15-year-old girl in the world competes to be the first to comment on her blog posts.)

Nathan said...

Phew, slow commenting on my end. This marathon's no joke.

Leea, Brandon and Price--I'm totally the guy who would threaten throwing away toys, but would eventually chicken out. I have too many small toys of my own laying around.

JDG--Why thank you Jessica. I hope I'm keeping it grim enough. Lately it just seems boring...

DaNae--The story's less about the messy kids, and more about Garbage Ben himself, his bottomless appetite for toys, and the remorse he feels after eating them.

And, yeah, I want to schmooze for followers. I want as many followers as I can get. Makes me feel like I'm building an audience. I've had a handful of publishers tramping through here lately, and I'm sure they glance at those numbers. I see blogs about, say, bowling shoes, that have over 1000 followers. I'd love to get numbers like that someday.