Monday, September 21, 2009

One Last Day With Lewis and Clark

I thought we'd say goodbye to Lewis and Clark in style. So this weekend, my son and I built a replica of the famous Corps of Discovery keelboat. We used the most historically accurate material available--LEGO!

You can see the cabin at the back, the covered steering awning, and the mounted muskets. In the center is the collapsable mast that they would use to catch the wind. (I didn't use the mast in the cartoon, but it looks cool on the model.)

Here's a close-up of Lewis, Seaman (the dog) and Clark--about to jump overboard.


Q said...

Wow. That's intense.

David Miles said...

I'll miss the expedition updates, they were great!

And... okay,... I hate to reach for the low hanging fruit but I have to wonder what kind of wind they were catching with the mast? :) Does that have anything to do with the Bottle of Thunder? ha!

Jessica said...

That's really neat! Although, not to nitpick, but . . . Seaman was a Newfoundland, so he was much larger and black.

Nathan said...

Jessica, you break my heart. Do you comment on the high amounts of the ultra-rare "Dark-Tan" pieces in play here? The clever angling of the back cabin? The fact that Clark is wearing a vintage 1980's Pirate Era "Bluecoat" torso (in mint condition, I might add.) Do you admire my awesome homemade canopy cover? The use of the old Adventurer's theme backpacks hanging over the sides?

No you nitpick my dark gray LEGO dog! The dog piece comes in two colors, brown and gray. And one species, I'm gonna say...German Shepherd(?)


{Hangs head in despair.}

No worries, Jessica, I'm just glad I had a dog piece.

I wanted to include York, but the only African American LEGO heads I have are printed with sunglasses. As far as I know, York didn't wear sunglasses.

joanne said...

do you have instructions to build this :-)
My 4th grader wants to build a model of a keel boat for his Oregon Trail project

Anonymous said...

I know you built this awhile 8 year old is a die hard lewis and clark lover and wants to make a keel boat! Any instructions? Yours is amazing!!!!!