Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I did a major school visit yesterday--did an assembly for each grade, K-6. Phew! It was an all day blowout. Thanks for having me Hayden Peak Elementary!


Bubble said...

Do they still sell them? They might be useful when I have a giant visit my house.

Nathan said...

Hooray! Let the Dinosardine comments begin.

Here's mine:

(this IS tricky...what to say about dinosardines...)

They were found during the Pizzazoic era.

(How's that?)

Nathan said...

Woops--I was thinking of Anchovies--nobody puts sardines on a pizza.

I recant my Pizzazoic comment. This is my new comment:

Dinosardines lived during the CANtaceous Period.

Tyranchovies lived during the Pizzazoic.

R. Price said...

Are the packed in refined or crude oil?

Nathan said...

^ Very nice. Kids, that's how it's done.