Tuesday, September 29, 2009


This post comes to you a few hours late today. This is my first big slip since I started the webcomic back in May (five months of daily comics!)

I usually like to bank a few comics ahead, so that I never miss a post if something comes up. Sometimes I do the whole story in one sitting (The Pinniped Party and Lewis and Clark were done that way.) I've been unusually busy this month, though, and haven't had time to stay ahead of the curve.

Phew. Anyway, today's post is here!

Science note: Pterosaurs were not dinosaurs, they were flying reptiles, so this cartoon has some scientific accuracy. Of course, they lived millions of years before cavemen did, so putting them together cancels the whole thing out.


Unknown said...

I'm reading it late, so it's really OK

Aredhel said...

I'm in Australia, so yeah... it doesnt matter, well to me that is, I'm sure it matters to other people.

Nathan said...

I'm probably the only one who it really matters to--I like to be consistent. Can't be flaky on the ol' blog posting regularity--not when my banner says "New Comics Every Weekday."

Anyway, I'm back on track now.

DaNae said...

Well you blew it. I am never going to come back. I came here bright and early yesterday to get my daily fix of dino-silly and was denied. I just can't take that kind of rejection.

It was nice knowing you.

DaNae said...

Oh who am I kidding where else will I find this kind of ridiculous amusement.