Monday, September 14, 2009

Lewis and Clark in "The Bottle of Thunder" Part 9

Okay, this is a little departure from the main story line. But when I read that Lewis and Clark spent a full day trying to catch one prairie dog (they actually tried all these methods) I had to do a cartoon about it. In the end they were able to catch two; one for science, and one for, you guessed it, Captain Lewis' supper.


David Miles said...

hehe. Truth is stranger than fiction as they say ;).

It's amazing how funny the truth is in the case...

Emnia E. said...

Oh goodness! The prairie dog DID NOT get away! Oh, prairie dog, WHY DIDN'T YOU LISTEN WHEN I SAID RUN?
:P They'd better have a good meal, then, and make somethin' of it! (:

Nathan said...

There's gotta be a prairie dog recipe somewhere out there.

Emnia E. said...

Prairie Dog Stew

1 prairie dog, quartered
1 cup diced onion
2 large tomatoes (from your garden) or 1 can of tomatoes
Assorted fresh ,or canned veggies

Sprinkle seasoned salt, pepper, and cayenne pepper (optional) liberally on the meat. Pour some cooking oil into a large pot (dutch oven). Sauté the meat with the onions until well browned. Drain the excess oil, add about 2 cups water, and bring to a boil. Cut up the tomatoes and add. If you use canned tomatoes add them now. Turn down the heat, and let slow cook for at least an hour. Important: older prairie dogs may require cooking longer than an hour. Check periodically for tenderness. If you don't you will have a hard time chewing the meat. After the meat is tender, add the veggies, carrots, potatoes, banana pepper, what ever you like. Cook until the veggies are done. An option you can use is, cook up your favorite pasta and serve over the pasta. (eliminate the potatoes). That's it, nice and simple

You ask, and you shall recieve. (:

Emnia E. said...

You're gonna have to prairie dog stew to get more wonderful prairie dog reciepies, the tab closed on me! ):

Nathan said...

Awesome! I have almost all the ingredients....'cept for the main one.