Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lewis and Clark in "The Bottle of Thunder" Part 6


DaNae said...

Volcanoes and Mammoths I can understand, but were their evidences of salt mountains in other realms of the known world? Or was he hoping to knock out the epidemic of bland food afflicting his nation?

Nathan said...

Here's how you blow T.J's mind, tell him, "There's no salt mountain, but there is a salt LAKE."

Emnia E. said...

Haha.... He's got a really wild imagination. Super wild, maybe he should've quit being president and started being an author. He already wrote one thing, and look at how published that got!
Hhhhmmmm.... Salt lakes, salt mountains.... Close, T.J., but no cigar!

edith said...

Isn't there a salt mountain in Yellowstone? Or something that looks like one?
I should check my facts.
Besides, there is a live volcano--Mount St. Helens.
Am I a nerd, or what?

Nathan said...

True! Mt. St. Helens IS a live volcano! Score 1 for Thomas Jefferson!