Friday, September 18, 2009

Lewis and Clark in "The Bottle of Thunder" Part 13, The End

Yes, the Lewis and Clark trail can be traced by the mercury content remaining in the soil. How's that for a bizarre historical fact?

Actually, in researching this story, I found out that the Thunderbolt pills were only a small part of the mercury residue. The bulk of the mercury came from the corps drinking straight mercury, which was a stomach remedy in those days.

I hope you've all enjoyed Lewis and Clark and the Bottle of Thunder--I know I have, this has been my favorite story yet. Lewis and Clark may return, since this little story only covers the first two months or so of their trip. Heck, they haven't even met Sacagawea yet. There are plenty more adventures to come with L. and C.

New story next week. I have no idea what it will be...

Have a good weekend!


Leea said...

Nothing like a good story about metal poop.

Nathan said...

Yes, metal poop--also happens to be the name of my favorite Iron Maiden album.

victoria said...

Yay for L & C! How's Meriwether for a manly name? I just caught up on this story, read it all at once. Good one! I'll have to keep my thermometers handy next time I have a backup of antelope and badger.

DaNae said...

I've just been playing catch up. What a tremendous ending.

Yes, plese do more L and C. In fact I want to see a book deal come from this. All history should be the amusing.