Wednesday, October 1, 2008

It's never too early for PaleoChristmas!

Today is a book launch day! The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas by Anne Muecke, illustrations by Nathan Hale, is in stores TODAY! It can also be found here.

This book is jam packed with Dinosaurs and Christmas! Proceeds from the book will go to the Museum of Natural History in New York, where the book takes place. The book also comes with a little surprise, inside the front flap is a CD of Dinosaur themed Holiday Music. With hits like, "Hark! The Pterodactyls Sing!" and "We wish you a Dino Kwanzaa!" My kids played the CD non stop while I was working on this job (this was last March--I'm sure it sounds even better during the holidays.) Also on the disc is a full reading of the book, by non other than Mr. Book of the Month, Al Roker!

Here is one of my favorite paintings from the book. This is the title and copyright page.

This is Argentinosaurus, walking past parked cars on a New York Street. Each of these cars is a great car I've either owned or spent time in. Starting on the left with my first car, an '82 Toyota Corolla Wagon. I loved that car. My little brother burned the engine out near Scipio Utah. I believe it is still there. Sniff.

I'll do more Dinosaur Christmas posts as we get closer to December. But today is launch day, so happy Oct 1st. Remember kids, this is the time of year when Santasaurus starts watching you.

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Greg and Leigh said...

I think I recognize all those cars...good luck on the marathon