Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Yellowbelly's Lost Page

In last week's Shannon Hale interview, I talked about my favorite characters from Yellowbelly and Plum go to School. I mentioned a few characters who were changed for the final illustrations. The Cactus Boy and the Shark Girl can be seen here, on this missing page from Yellowbelly and Plum Go To School.

This was my sample illustration when I first pitched the project to the publisher. When I send a story to an editor, I send it in sketch form, a rough pencil version of the whole book called a "Dummy." But along with the sketches, I send one illustration that shows what the final would look like. Many changes take place once the book gets under way, see for example, how different Plum is here. The sample illustration never actually goes into the final book, which is kind of sad in this case, since I really like how this one turned out.


DaNae said...

This book makes me so happy. I love this page. You said you had other Yellowbelly books in the back closet contingent on the survival of the debut. I think Yellowbelly would be a great character for an early reader series, similar to Mo Willems' Gerald and Piggy and Tedd Arnold's Fly Guy.

Nathan said...

My son loves Fly Guy.

I'd love to see YB and P continue in any format. My original plan was to do four books, following the seasons. Go To School was the Fall book, the one I'd like to do next is Summer; Yellowbelly and Plum Go Camping.

But it all depends on the publisher, so keep your fingers crossed. Some books work as a series, some work as a standalone.

Tiffany said...

My girls SO love this book. I hope there are more, too. So many kids' books utterly bore us the parents but yours are fun on so many levels!

Z-Kids said...

Thanks for sharing! Glad we got to see it!

Jaime Mormann Richardson said...

Charlie is looking at the picture going, "There's Yellowbelly. There's Yellowbelly! And there's Blue--uh, Plum!" When I clicked over to make a comment, he was saying, "Wait I want to see the flower nose!" Charlie's two.

Nathan said...

Maybe the flower-nose needs his own book.