Monday, October 6, 2008

October plans

Well, okay, maybe it is a little too early for PaleoChristmas.

We've got big plans at the space station for October. Although the ongoing Calamity Jack ink-o-thon is going full blast, I hope to post the following items here on the blog this month.

  • Yellowbelly, the lil' Devil, and Rapunzel will all be posting their top three favorite songs for your listening enjoyment.

  • The Calamity Jack color mappers are producing some pretty extravagant colored pages, we'll preview a few more pages from the upcoming Rapunzel sequel.

  • Commenter Erin threw down a challenge to build a LEGO Rapunzel, the answer to that should be up next week.

  • Plans are in action for a live Yellowbelly YouTube video. I've never made a video before, so it should be funny, one way or another. Before the end of the month you will see Yellowbelly speak! (Anyone know where I can find some yellow, leopard print fur?)

  • Last of all, a little BLAGGING, or would it be BROGGING? Bragging on a blog, but hey isn't all blogging really just a form of bragging? Anyway, I'm dying to show off a little. I've been a fan of long distance running since high school, and saturday was a big race for me.
Yeah, that's BLAGGING.


Enna Isilee said...

*wince* Am I the slowest color mapper? I am, aren't I? Well, I'm SO CLOSE. And after my parents get back from Europe I should really get kicking!

(Conragts on the race.)

Nathan said...

The mappers are all going at different speeds, you are doing just fine. Unfortunately, the mappers are faster than I am--they've now caught up to me in finished ink pages. I'm working full speed to keep you all in pages! Race week put me a little behind.

Greg and Leigh said...

The lego Rapunzel challenge sounds great but what about Ms. Phisto from The Devil You Know out of legos...she would either need a contraption that would contain a bunch of devils...or be able to convert into the really mad Ms. Phisto

Erin said...


By the way, I'll be at your guys' signing tomorrow. *grins impishly*