Monday, October 13, 2008

Calamity Jack Color Map Preview

The team of color mappers has been a HUGE help. They've now been working for about a month. Everyone's moving at a different pace, but the pages are rolling in. As of today Calamity Jack is half-way color mapped.

If you don't know what color mapping is, take a look at my earlier coloring tutorial. Essentially, the team is doing the painstaking job of outlining each color area. Every little hat, braid, brick and cloud has to be carefully traced. The team is doing fantastic work.

The colors used aren't the final colors, so it's been fun to see the different palettes each colorer has. They range from subdued:

To colorful:

To REALLY colorful:
Are those My Little Ponies? What is going on here?

These scenes are all within the same few pages of each other, I love the drastic differences. It'll be sad to mellow everything down to the final color scheme. These color mapped pages will all get the official palette treatment, then have highlights and shadows added.

Last of all, I did an interview for Shannon Hale (one of the authors of Rapunzel's Revenge) you can see it here. Thanks Shannon!


megwrites said...

I just found your blog through Shannon Hale's interview and I just wanted to say I love Rapunzel's Revenge so much. The illustrations are awesome!

Greg and Leigh said...

Shannon' s interview was great!! I found myself grabbing all your books so I could see what you were pointing out in your illustrations. I'm a big fan of the cactus kid in yellowbelly and plum.

~Firefly~ said...

what happened to my little ponies? Hilarious.... :)