Friday, October 10, 2008

B-Money, My Famous Neighbor

I came home from running errands the other day, and there was a strange guy on my lawn. He explained that he had just moved into the house next door. He seemed like a pretty nice guy, he said he was a musician. I asked him what instrument he played. "Rap." he said, "My name's Brian, but my friends call me B-Money."

I told my sister the story, and she freaked out, "B-MONEY IS YOUR NEIGHBOR!?" she said. Apparently, my neighbor is YouTube famous. And here is why:

I've been to that Burger King--I had no idea there was a hot tub in it.


Enna Isilee said...


jw said...

That was amazing. Are you going to join his posse?

Nathan said...

I'd like to join his posse, but B-Money's a busy guy. I have only seen him once since he moved in. He was getting into a car full of cute girls. B! B-Money!