Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween Plate Party

Last night I visited E.G. King Elementary in Layton, UT for their Spooky Literacy Night. I It was a wild time. For my costume I drew 25 different "masks" on paper plates. Choosing the final mask was part of my program. 

The kids went BANANAS. It ended up being a shouting match for each mask. 200 costumed kids screaming bloody murder while I threw paper plates at them. It was a lot of fun. I lost my voice. 

Here are a few of the kids who caught plates. The one on the far right was the winner, "A Trilobite with a Mustache." Among the plates visible here are Super Mario, Super Mario's Skeleton, LEGO Skeleton, Rapunzel, LEGO Barack Obama (LEGO McCain left early?)

Yeah, so I had a few posts planned for October that observant readers will notice didn't happen. Don't worry, November will catch them up.

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