Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Banner Part 1

Folks, we may have a winner for "Dullest Blog Series Ever." (Okay, the cowboy joke was pretty good.) At this rate, next week's posts will be an exciting play-by-play of me cleaning up the icons on my desktop, the grand finale will be me emptying my computer's trash.

Snooze. Anyway. Here is the banner--part 1! That's right, I'm spreading the banner into a two-day post. What will pop up in that window? My guess is the word "STATION."

Side note, does anyone remember how Bill and Ted (from the Excellent Adventure) used to say, "Station!" as a slang term? In place of, say, "Radical!" or, "Righteous!" It never stuck--I think it only existed in that movie (or maybe it was the sequel.) Station! Say it, it's fun.

The most popular gnome seems to be young Scintellshine. She has a Hermione/Rapunzel thing going for her--so studious! Scintellshine will return in some form or other. Keep an eye out for her.

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Anika S. said...

*fist pump*