Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Gname that Gnome #18

Today's gnome, "Scintellshine," is brought to you by Anika S.--she's a very fitting gnome for this time of year!

I am now one month away from the last deadline in my three-book non-stop crunch-a-thon. Book 1 (48-page picture book) was finished in May. Book 2 (120 page graphic novel) was finished in July. And book 3 (another 120 page graphic novel) is due in 31 days. I've got 80 pages to go. 168 down, 80 to go. As soon as the gnomes are all finished, I think I'm going to focus on the page-count on the blog. We'll figure out some sort of day-by-day blog game to keep me motivated and on track.

My stopwatch trick doesn't work anymore. I need a new mind-game, a new trick. I think if I can incorporate the blog, maybe that will give me a boost. We'll see.


Chris said...

I like Scintellshine, and I'm waiting for someone (Nate or commenter) to give a good origin story of the gnome hats. Why do they all have those?

For mind games, maybe we could do a "The Page is Right" game show. The person who guesses closest to your actual page count without going under (because we have to reward optimism) wins...something.

Katharine Elisabeth said...

How about you post the number of pages left each day and we suggest something that has to do with that number (ie, 10 pages left, 10 alien spaceships hovering over a house). You draw your favorite one. It'll be like I Will Drawing That For You.

Oh, and are you going to draw a final group picture with all the gnomes? 'Cause that would be really nice.

Katharine Elisabeth said...

Oh, and I just noticed tht Scintellshine looks like Rapunzel from Rapunzel's Revenge, minus most of Rapunzel's hair.

Helene said...

This gnome is so cute.

And I like both Chris's and Katherine's ideas. I can't think of anything else right now, but I'll be working on it all day, I'm sure.

Anika S. said...

yay! I love her!