Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Space Station Overhaul

Hey everybody. I'm starting a new thing today, but not a story--I'm renovating the site! If you follow this blog in a reader, you won't see what I'm talking about. So make the long trek over to the actual site.

The "Octopus Train" banner is now gone. I liked the sentiment of the Octopus Train, but let's be honest, it wasn't one of the better looking banners we've had here. The replacement banner is being worked on now, as well as a new background that looks like a tiled version of this:

...also not quite finished. Usually, when someone redoes their site, they just do it all at once-WHAM!-new site. But I think it would be fun to build the site in an analog manner, where you see the drawings of the banner and background, etc. progress as I work on them. Feel free to throw out suggestions for this theme.

And don't forget to vote yer Gnome.


Chris said...

I thought I'd gone to the wrong site or something. Very different, and very cool!
I like the totem faces, and I'm trying to decide if they reflect characters from your other books (Yellowbelly!) or if they are their own thing

Clint C. said...

The suspense! Interested to see what's going to accompany these totems.

Nathan said...

Thanks--I think it may go through some changes before I really find a look that I like.

Juliana said...

I like it, but I want to see more color!

Katharine Elisabeth said...

I love the background - it reminds me of totem poles, or those great masks. It would be neat if you continued like this and then made the banner super colorful.