Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Gname that Gnome #13

Named by Greg Newbold, it's STEVE! Steve is wearing the world's only known trucker hat/gnome cap. Greg is a fellow illustrator and blogger. You can check out his site "Life Needs Art" here.


Anika S. said...

I can't wait for Bindlethorn! He is my very favorite, even though I didn't suggest it!
I picture Bindlethorn looking like a cockleburr or maybe a horse chestnut.

Katharine Elisabeth said...

When you finish all your gnomes, you should make a group drawing of all the gnomes together.

Steve is great. I think I'll send him to my uncle Steve.

Opaleyz said...

Aw! I'm glad you (Anika) like Blindlethorn! Though I'd really like to see Marvin and Mablehaven too.

And I love the idea of a group shot! They could be having a (distant) family reunion...at a beach or mountainside lake somewhere (so Aquafusia could be there...though I guess they could also use one of those portable or inflatable pools...)

...On another note, I just realized how many times I used the word gnome in my comment on the last post. It almost seems excessive, until you remember the fact that gnomes are awesome and I rather like the word gnome itself.


Opaleyz said...

and whoops again, I forgot to mention how much I love Steve. His trucker gnome cap is perfect!

Unknown said...

Holy Gnome! My dude is a total hayseed! I love it- makes me feel all down home on the farm. Thanks Nate!