Thursday, August 18, 2011

Night Shift

Woops! Today's gnomes are a no-show. And with only two gnomes to go... I'll get to them tomorrow.

I'm on day two of a new working schedule--a highly experimental schedule. My kids started school on Wednesday. I knew I'd have to change my late working hours so I could be up early enough to get them off to school in the morning. Unfortunately, I work best in the wee hours of the morning (zero distractions: no emails, no phone calls, no news updates on the internet, no errands to run--I get more done after midnight than I do all day sometimes.)

So, instead of going to bed earlier in order to wake up earlier, I've decided to push on through and go full night shift! I've done similar schedules before, but this is the first time both kids are in full-day school. I'm two days in and so far, it seems to be working like a charm.

I work straight through the night, send the kids to school, then go to bed at 8am, sleeping until they get home from school in the afternoon. NIGHT SHIFT!

Drastic measures to get this book done. Update: 22 days, just under 70 pages to go.

1 comment:

Clint C. said...

Sleeping through the day sounds nice. Hope you have some good black-out curtains.