Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Pinniped Party 2 part Twelve

Not many comments on Disney's Rapunzel--excuse me, Disney's "Tangled" trailer, huh? Oh well. I, for one, will be very interested in seeing it when it comes out this fall.

Here's an odd thing. Yesterday, commenter Debbie spotted my "Elephant of Surprise" cover on a site called "somuchpun.com." Somebody posted it there, but didn't attribute it to me. It's strange, because that's a pretty popular site--part of the lolcats empire. I don't know how to feel, on one hand, I'm happy that someone thinks it's worth re-posting, on the other hand, I feel sorta ripped off. Should I start putting my signature on everything? Big, ugly watermarks? I don't know, I figured I'd have to deal with this sort of thing someday, just not this soon.

[UPDATE: The kind folks at somuchpun got my email about not being attributed, and are now working to get it straightened out. That was very nice of them!]


Carmen said...

The Pinnipeds are fun to read about!

I saw the "Tangled" trailer after you left a link to it on yesterday's post, and now I'm pretty excited for it to come out!

Debbie Barr said...

YAY! I'm glad that all got worked out.

Meredith said...

When I initially saw the trailer for Tangled, I totally thought of you (and the other Hales). It's too soon to be sure, of course, but I think you may have been ripped off! Still, it looks like fun, so hopefully it will be good (and not a total rip-off of Rapunzel's Revenge).

Nathan said...

I'm giving Disney the benefit of the doubt, I mean, they've been in development since we started Rapunzel--and using the hair as a weapon isn't too much of a stretch for anyone to come up with (I think there was a Rapunzel hair-ninja in one of the Shrek movies briefly.)

At the same time, it was a little eerie, seeing the trailer the first time;

Shaggy brunette/thief/prankster love interest-check

Rapunzel dislikes and tricks a handsome/vain rescuer-check

A joke about a WANTED poster likeness-check

Ninja hair skills used in tower-check

All I'm saying is, if Rapunzel fights a giant rattlesnake, I'm marching over to Disney and asking for some checks--for me, Shannon and Dean.

Ron McCutchan said...

Saw TOY STORY 3 on Friday night and wondered when I saw the trailer... A little RAPUNZEL'S REVENGE and a little EL DORADO. Frankly, they'd have been better off developing RR--a fresher approach. This feels like warmed over SHREK.

Anonymous said...

When I read your post yesterday and watched the trailer, I thought for a moment that maybe it was officially bought from all the Hales with a title change.

When I first was prepping for Disney's "Beauty and the Beast", I felt there were some convenient similarities to "Beauty" by Robin McKinley. Of course, they made it their own. Hopefully that is the case here... You know, change the hair color add an animal sidekick (that isn't a goose) and they're good to go.