Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How does this work again...?

Okay, thanks for all the kind words on JURASSIC WATER PARK! It now stands as a working book dummy! All it needs is a good cover letter and a sample of a finished illustration, and it'll be submission ready. I'll keep you posted if anything happens with it. And if I do a sample final illustration, I'll post it here (I could just cheat and use a spread from THE DINOSAURS' NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, but it's always fun to do something tailored to the project. We'll see.)

Thanks for sticking with it. JURASSIC WATER PARK was the longest blog post sequence yet! That's right, it spanned three months (started it in April, ended it in June) longer than the picture book marathon! Holy mackerel!

For now, I feel like doing some short posts--I mean SHORT. I mean ONE DAY STORIES. I've got some more long-ish stories coming up, but for now, let's go SHORT.

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Chris said...

I was going to vote for the full-length vampoline story, but if we're trying to do short then how about shots of the space station? I think we've only seen a few locations aboard SSN.