Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Agh! Technical Delays on Tuesday's Post

Hi Gang, I spent all my blog time today trying to revamp the site! I ran out of time to get the actual post up. See, I was invited on a quick river trip in Moab, now I have to leave (five minutes ago!) When you are a freelancer, you have to take your vacations when you can get them, today I don't have any killer deadlines, so I'm jumping.

I'll be back on Wednesday (possibly sooner) with the next installment. Sorry everybody!


Anonymous said...

What? WHAT?! You're not allowed to go on vacation! You're supposed to be here, supplying me with the funny, every d@#$ day!

Laura Z M said...

So which was it? Westwater? Cataract? the daily stretch?

I'm dying to know.

And unrepentantly envious.

DaNae said...

Oh, sure leave us with those aliens on the loose. All kinds of havoc could break loose before you get back.

Nathan said...

Jessica--I know, I know, I'm letting everyone down. I've made a commitment to bring the comics, and I let it slip not just one day but TWO! I'll be working this off for weeks to come.

Laura--Westwater!--super cold, but a lot of fun, went in a 3 person raft with a couple of kayakers. Gorgeous! Skull was wild! Also hit up (Ray's--I can't remember the name) Tavern in Green River, never been there before, will go again!

DaNae--Yes, but think of the tension I'm building!