Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Idea for a Saturday Morning Cartoon 2

Thank you for your patience, the blog is now updated with new graphics and a larger art format (what do you think?) I have been rafting the Westwater rapids of the Colorado River. It was a high-speed, one-night trip. It was extremely fun, very cold and over way too quick. (Special thanks to Greg for the invite!)

Things should now run smoothly, we're back on track!


David Miles said...

This is gonna be my favorite comic so far... I can just feel it! And I love the new look for the blog too.

Leea said...

Love the new format, and am looking forward to what happens next. Could it be an Audrey II? Jack’s stalk? Or something Completely Different? Oh… I just can’t wait until Monday!!! (Although I am glad you were able to get on the river).

Juliana said...

Looking good! And I love the new series so far. :)

DaNae said...


You are going out on a limb with that EVERY WEEKDAY pledge.

I will be in the audiance tomorrow. I'm expecting high entertainment.