Friday, October 2, 2009


And that wraps it up for the DINO-JOKES (for now)--I hope you've had geological epochs of laughter.

A special thanks to Rick Walton for providing the writing. Make sure to visit his website at for more crazy jokes and stories.

Have a great weekend! I'm headed south, to run the St. George Marathon (my fifth one, well, fifth St. George, sixth marathon. bragbragbrag. The joke's on me though, I still qualify for "Clydesdale Class.") Last year I ran a cool 3:48--this year I'm pretty sure I'll do worse. Wish me luck!


Aredhel said...

I love these!
Good luck on your marathon!

Q said...

Whoa, you're a marathon runner? I never knew!

Nathan said...

Yeah, I don't exactly LOOK like a runner, in fact, I don't really even look particularly healthy. But I love running--it's the only time I ever leave the house.

(I wish that were a joke.)

I'm hitting the road now. St. George , here I come!

Emnia E. said...

I wish you loads of luck! (: Now, have some self-confidence! Even if you're last! You ran a race, and at least you ever did finish! ;)