Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Yellowbelly and Dean Go Trick or Treating 4



Nathan said...

So I'm doing here what the animators on "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown" did. Recycle backgrounds. See, it's not me being lazy, oh no, it's a Halloween trick or treating animation homage.

Okay it's me being lazy.

DaNae said...

Just what flavor is Yellowbelly: lemon, banana, butternut squash, or some scrumptious amalgamation of liver, kidney, and sweetie pie?

Nathan said...

Hey knock it off! Nobody's EATING Yellowbelly! What's going on around here? Dean's bringing out the spooky in my commenters.

DaNae said...

Sorry, your right all that baby-eating stuff got to me.

Nobody should eat Yellowbelly - defiantly.

Plum on the other hand would be delicious dipped in honey.

Nathan said...

I know what my kids' stuffed animals are like, trust me, you wouldn't want to eat Plum.

My daughter likes to bathe with her stuffed animals. Some of them remain soggy for days at a time.