Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Dinosaur-A-Day Christmas Advent

December 20th LEGOsaurus
  • Isn't he super! I love it! The image for LEGOsaurus is not mine, it is clipped from a European ad campaign.
  • Christmas wish list: LEGOsaurus needs nothing. He is completely at peace with existence.
[UPDATE] The Layton Barnes & Noble signing is off. I woke up soooo sick. Hello Ther-a-flu, how are you?


Nathan said...

Sorry about canceling, Nathan, I really planned for this, up until this morning, when I woke up and couldn't breathe! We'll have to schedule a non-Christmas event some time this winter.

Finding My Way said...
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victoria said...

So sorry you're sick! Well, the drive in the storm might have killed you, so your health is better protected at home. We were planning on stopping by B&N today. Chloe wanted a gentle plant-eater drawn in her book. (We love the book, by the way!) We'll have to catch you another time!

Finding My Way said...

I love the Legosaurus. It was very funny. That he wanted nothing, that was really funny, too! The stegosaurus, everyone thought he was a meat-eater. Apatosaurus thought that rock band was better than guitar hero.


edith said...

I want to know when you reschedule. Have you guys gotten the stomach grunge yet? We've been pulling all night pukathons at random intervals for two weeks now. Hope you miss out on this one.
Your password verification wishes us all a merry coldul instead of the flu.