Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Dinosaur-A-Day Christmas Advent

December 10th Apatosaurus
  • Apatosaurus is the correct name for the sauropod commonly referred to as Brontosaurus. Apatosaurus was identified and named first. Two years later, in 1879, Brontosaurs was discovered. Further study proved they were the same species. You might think the guy who discovered Brontosaurus would be angry, nope, same guy discovered both.
  • Christmas wish list: Rock Band 2. Apatosaurus thinks Rock Band is ten times better than Guitar Hero. And she is right.

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Nathan said...

Whoo. The perspective's a bit confusing on this one, it's cut from a much larger illustration. This is another page from the upcoming Becker & Meyer stereo book. I'll post the title when I find out what it'll be.