Monday, December 8, 2008

The Dinosaur-A-Day Christmas Advent

December 9th Styracosaur
  • Styracosaur is the one in the back, with all the horns. I know, I know, these are supposed to be dinosaurs that AREN'T in The Dinosaurs' Night Before Christmas--but this is from the back cover, so technically not in the book.
  • Christmas wish list. Too bad Styracosaur, you don't get a wish list, today is my birthday (the 8th...the day I'm putting this together) and I get to post MY wish list. I want everyone to buy this book, and all my other books. Also I want the LEGO Coast Guard Chopper.
  • Greetings to the folks who wandered over from Facebook. I just signed up today, I've been looking at photos of all my old classmates. What a fascinating, technological age we live in.


Nathan said...

Shameless linking. And that Metal Sculpture book is not mine.

victoria said...

Happy Birthday yesterday! Wish I could have brought you an ooey-gooey blackberry and nutella crepe - and made you try to eat it in the middle of a bookstore on top of all your newly printed books. Hope you had a great day.

Nathan said...

Haha I remember that! I first I thought you meant you'd bring me a Blackberry (phone) and a Nutella crepe. Which I would also take.

I love Nutella! And gadgets!