Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Dinosaur-A-Day Christmas Advent

December 16th Suchomimus
  • I don't have any neat facts about Suchomimus, other than that he looks wicked awesome. I have to say that Suchomimus, for my money, is a cooler, scarier dinosaur than T. Rex. Big spiney back, long crocodile face, giant claws, why doesn't he have his own movie?
  • Christmas wish list: The only thing Suchomimus wants is an extra two months to finish the drawings for his gigantic graphic novel project. Suchomimus is very short on time.


Greg and Leigh said...

Yep Suchomimus is the winner so far as the coolest of the advent dinos...

Nathan said...

Don't touch mah gingerbread!