Monday, December 15, 2008

The Dinosaur-A-Day Christmas Advent

December 15th Ankylosaur
  • To eat an Ankylosaur, a predator would probably have to flip it over onto its back. The heavy, armored spikes would then be out of the way. Of course, the predator would still have that club tail swinging for the ankles. Maybe that's why it is called ANKYLosaur--it swings for the ankles.
  • Christmas wish list: A gong. Ankylosaur could whale away at a gong for days.


Sherry said...

Fun Christmas advent!

And thanks for the heads up about Buffalo Girls by McMurtry. I listened to Betty Buckley bring the story to life on audio. Loved it.

Nathan said...

Wow, from the Shannon Hale interview. Yeah, I think I listened to the audio version as well. Loved it! So sad.

Clint C. said...

There's an Ankylosaur in our nursery toy closet. The nursery leader didn't know what it was and labeled it the "yucky lizard." Now the kids refuse to play with it. Criminal!

Nathan said...

Strangely enough, Ankylo is latin for "Yucky" and Saur is "Lizard." So those kids are spot on.